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    Venum Size Chart

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    Venum Gi
    Venum Gi

    venum gi size chart

    Venum offers more than ten BJJ Gis of a variety of sizes (A0, A1, A1.5, A2, A2.5, A3, A4, F1, F2, F3, F4) and colors like white, black and blue. Most BJJ Gis built by Venum can be used whether you need one for training or competition. Their gis come preshrunk and treated to prevent colors from fading.

    Most Venum Gis come standard with the follow features:

    • 100% premium cotton manufacturing (Pearl Weave) for durability and comfort
    • BJJ jacket with rounded and reinforced slits
    • 100% cotton ripstop pants with reinforced seams on the legs and ankles
    • Smooth EVA foam collar for choke resistance
    • Perfect moisture management
    • A fast and reliable rope tightening system
    • Venum logo

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