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    Jaco Unity Lightweight



    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • IBJJF Approved
    • Minimal color options
    • Slightly baggy pants

    At first glance, the new JACO gi has a crisps, simplistic appeal to it. This is a no-bullshit, clean looking BJJ gi with no gaudy patch. Although accent stitching would have been a nice contrast to an otherwise white gi, it's still very stylish! It comes standard with a custom, embroidered JACO emblem prominently featured on both shoulders and the back.

    The jacket also sports the JACO logo sublimated on the inside and is made from a pearl weave material.

    jaco unity gi review

    Jaco UNITY Build Quality

    I've had the JACO Unity for a little while now and I'm still breaking it in a bit. However, up until this point it shows almost no wear and tear. Considering the lightweight feel of this material I've been very surprised at how well it's held up.

    Jacket Build:
    • Crisp craftsmanship
    • IBJJF approved
    • Lightweight
    • 350 GSM
    • 100% pre shrunk cotton
    Pants Build:
    • Ripstop pants
    • 245 GSM
    • Cotton and polyester blend

    Jaco UNITY Comfort & Fit

    When I first tried the jacket on, it fit perfectly aside from the extra length within the arms. The weave on the jacket is light and breathable to prevent overheating while training. The minimal look is one of my favorite features about the Gi aside from the lightweight feel and the sturdiness of the drawstring . The drawstring is made from a soft nylon material that keeps your pants tied securely around your waist.

    This gi is lightweight but that doesn't mean it's not durable. The pants are made from a ripstop material with reinforced stitching in the knees for added durability. Also, the pants come with a high quality logo stitched onto the pants along with some custom imagery and "Refuse to be ordinary" embroidered. Additionally, the jacket comes reinforced stitching along the knees and vents for added longevity.

    JACO UNITY BJJ Gi Size Chart

    BJJ Unity Size Chart


    The JACO Unity Lightweight Gi is hands down one of the nicer gis I've tried in awhile. It's a solid choice if you plan on training for a long time and are considering competing thanks to its lighter feel. Especially considering the JACO Unity gi is IBJJF approved.

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