Hayabusa Gi Review



Hayabusa Brand Overview

The name “Hayabusa”, translated from Japanese, refers to the Peregrine Falcon. A predatory falcon that possess speed, power, strength and precision. Hayabusa embodies the true spirit of a fighter. Started by Luke Harris, (a Judo and BJJ black belt who is also a professional fighter), Hayabusa is the gold standard among the martial arts community in high performance BJJ gear.  There’s a reason Hayabusa is one of the best BJJ brands.

Hayabusa describes themselves as a brand rooted in Japanese tradition who has a singular commitment to produce high caliber fightwear. Hayabusa designs and produces gear to maximize fighters performance and safety.

Hayabusa BJJ Gi Features

Hayabusa Lightweight Gi Review

hayabusa lightweight gi review

Hayabusa’s lightweight bjj gi is carefully crafted to deliver an excellent fit without sacrificing comfort or durability. Hayabusa’s lightweight jiu jitsu gi embodies both function and style.


The Hayabusa lightweight BJJ gi is a bit more subtle than some of their other gi’s. The lightweight gi comes with subtle embroidery and patches that add to the gi’s appeal along with intricate stitching.

Build Quality

The Hayabusa’s lightweight bjj gi jacket is constructed with a 420 GSM pearl weave cotton to give it that durable yet lightweight feel. Also, the pants are light clocking in at 8 oz. They are a ripstop cotton-polyester blend. Of course reinforced stress points come standard throughout the jacket and pants.

Comfort & Fit

The Hayabusa Lightweight gi allows for ease of movement without restriction. Also, Hayabusa pre washes their gi’s so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage issues.

hayabusa gi size chart

The Hayabusa Lightweight BJJ gi is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable IBJJF compliant jiu jitsu gi then this is a good option.

Hayabusa Stealth Gi Review

hayabusa stealth gi

The Hayabusa Stealth Pearl Weave gi is lightweight with clean design work. This gi has it all. Endorsed by a world BJJ champ complete with fine craftsmanship, durability and stunning design.


The Hayabusa Stealth Pearl Weave BJJ gi is truly fitting to its name. The stitching is uniform and matches with the gi jacket. With it’s minimal embroidery and patches this is a sharp looking muted gi.

Build Quality

The Hayabusa Stealth gi comes with a 420 GSM 100% cotton pearl weave jacket. Additionally, the gi comes with a 8oz. cotton/ poly blend with ripstop pants as a standard. Also, all the seams and stress areas are supported with triple stitching to minimize possible tearing.

Comfort & Fit

The Hayabusa Stealth Pearl Weave BJJ gi comes pre washed and pre shrunk so it will fit like a glove. The length of the jacket is a bit on the short side which offers a bit of protection from having your lapels used as a weapon.

stealth bjj gi size chart

The Hayabusa Stealth Gi is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, clean and lightweight BJJ gi. Usually, simple looking gi’s that sell for less tend to come with less in terms of craftsmanship and attention to detail. However, this isn’t the case with the Hayabusa Stealth BJJ gi.

Hayabusa Shinju 3 Review

hayabusa shinju 3 gi

The Hayabusa Shinju 3 Pearl Weave gi is a mid-weight gi with a bold personality. The latest edition of the Hayabusa Shinju 3.0 is a dope update on a classic Hayabusa gi.


The Hayabusa Shinju 3.0 comes standard with traditional Japanese kanjis meaning “Hero; Warrior of Matchless Valor; Heroic Character”. The Shinju 3.0 comes with patches, embroidery on label, chest, shoulders and back and legs.

Build Quality

The Shinju 3.0 BJJ gi is mid-weight for exceptional comfort and maneuverability. The jacket is constructed with a 500 GSM pearl weave cotton and 10 oz. ripstop cotton pants for strength. Like all Hayabusa gis the Shinju 3.0 has meticulous attention to detail with intricate stitching and detailing.

Comfort & Fit

The Shinju 3.0 BJJ gi like other Hayabusa gis come prewashed (preshrunk) for a tailored fit. The Shinju 3.0 is mid-weight gi that allows for frictionless movement thanks to the cut of this gi.

hayabusa shinju 3 pearl weave size chart

The Hayabusa Shinju 3.0 maintains its position as one of the top BJJ Gis around. If you’re looking for a heavier yet functional BJJ gi and you don’t want to feel like your drowning then this gi could be a great choice.

  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Comfort & Fit


With unique hand-crafted designs using only the best materials and high-end manufacturing, Hayabusa makes an excellent brand of BJJ Gis. Hayabusa has certainly earned its reputation as the gold standard in MMA apparel and BJJ gear.