Atama Gi Size Chart

Since 1989, Atama has sought to satisfy the most demanding BJJ athletes and shoppers. Atama takes pride in delivering quality gear and clothing to your doorstep.

Use Atama‘s size charts provided by the manufacturer to find the best fitting gi for your needs. Be sure to allow for slight differences in sizing due to shrinkage. Some gis are not preshrunk make sure you plan accordingly. Check the BJJ gi for shrinkage information beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions Gi Questions:

A: It shouldn’t feel too baggy or too tight. The gi should fit fairly snug but allow for mobility. To test if the jacket fits correctly use the 4-finger rule. Hold your arms out in front of you and make sure there is space between the wrist and the sleeve of the gi.

A: Pre-shrunk is a Gi that has already been shrunk down to its ideal size. This means you won’t have to worry about your gi fabric shrinking after a light wash. Shrink-to-fit means that the Gi will shrink some degree after every wash. The premise is that you wash and dry your gi until you find the right size and then let it air dry. Shrink-to-fit Gis potentialy end up being closer to your ideal size since you have control over how much they shrink.

A: The sizing chart goes from A0 to A6, with A0 being the smallest and A6 the largest size. This sizing structure tends to vary across brand so always double check.