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    Manto Clasico V2



    • Durable
    • Stylish
    • Affordable
    • Breathable
    • Shrinkage
    • Stretches
    • Thick Collar

    Manto is a martial arts brand that is focused on the grappling arts specifically jiu jitsu. Manto focuses on the jiu jitsu lifestyle while pulling inspiration from surfing. The Manto Clasico v2 is a great entry level bjj gi that doesn't skimp on quality. It makes an excellent addition to your training gi collection and will hold up to tough roll sessions.  There's a reason this Manto is a part of our jiu jitsu gi reviews.

    Manto is a leader in unique fight apparel and is widely popular most notably throughout Japan.

    Manto Classico V2 BJJ Gi: Super Durable and Breathable

    Jacket Build:
    • Pearl Weave
    • 450 GSM
    • Reinforced Vents
    • EVA Foam Collar Core
    Pants Build:
    • Twill Pants
    • Reinforced Knees
    • Multiple Drawstsring Loops
    • Round Stretch Drawstring

    Manto is endorsed by several notable Japanese stars like Shinya Aoki and their grappling counterparts Dean Lister and Gianni Grippo. This alone has to make Manto gis quality products right? I was excited for the Manto v2 Clasico gi review because Manto makes high-quality gear. The Manto v2 Clasico is no exception. This gi is one of their pearl weave bjj gis. This weave is light and breathable and has a crisp feel to it.


    The Manto is lightweight but that doesn't mean it's not durable. It has held up well under heavy use however I did hear some popping in some of the seams. This happened after a few very hard rolling sessions from opponents grabbing and yanking around the collars. But there were no visible tears in the material.

    The Manto Clasico v2 has very sturdy collars with reinforced knees and vents to add extra longevity.

    Comfort & Fit

    The Manto Clasico v2 fits a bit large at first. In fact, I thought I ordered a size too big when I first put the gi on. At first, the jacket nor the pants fit properly. However, once I washed and dried it several times the gi fit fairly snug. If at first this gi doesn't fit just wash and dry it a few times since it does shrink. Also, I noticed the collar was a bit too stiff and the pants were still fairly bulky. There have been a few times I've been rolling and I get stuck in the extra pant material.

    The only other issue with the gi is once you start sweating a lot it absorbs your sweat and will stretch. This is an issue when you're trying to break grips in the gi and the sleeves start to stretch.

    Manto Classico V2 BJJ Gi Size Chart

    manto clasico v2 size chart


    One of my favorite things about the Manto Clasico v2 is how stylish it looks. This is a no bullshit clean looking bjj gi with no patches or added embroidery which I absolutely like. This gi is plain aside from the blue accent stitching and the Manto logo embroidered on the lapel. The pants also come with a logo patched stitched onto the pants that doesn't take away from this gis minimalist appeal.


    If the style is my favorite thing about this gi then the price is my second favorite. This gi is an affordable entry-level bjj gi that won't break the bank. If you're fairly new to BJJ and need a new gi then this is the one for you.


    Manto is a leader in unique fight wear and regarded as one of the best in the world. Manto gis fit well after some shrinking but lasts a long time. With stylish yet affordable gis this is a brand to pay attention to.

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    The Manto Clasico v2 is a great entry level gi for those wanting another bjj gi in their training rotation. It is tough, stylish, breathable and wont break the bank!

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