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    Tatami Nova Gi Review


    • Lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Rash Resistant
    • Variety of Color Options


    • Minimal Designs
    • Shrinkage Problems
    • Tight Fit

    Tatami Fightwear is one of the most successful Jiu Jitsu brands out there. This British company has built a reputation based around offering both affordable best-value Gi's and high quality premium Gi's. So, as you can imagine I am excited to review this product because I personally enjoy a mix of best value and high-quality.  If you're interested in looking for others, check out our other gi reviews!

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    The Tatami Nova Gi: Basic Bjj Gi for all around performance and use


    Fabric: The Tatami Nova gi is a lightweight gi with a High Tech Weave jacket that is composed from a single piece of frabric that weighs 425 grams per square meter (425 gsm). The Tatami Nova gi also has lightweight 10oz twill cotton pants, double reinforced knee padding and triple stitched across all stress points.

    Rubber Collar: The Tatami Nova gi's rubberized collar helps fight sweat absorption and provides resistance to bacteria like staph infections.

    Rope Drawstring: The Tatami Nova gi pants use a rope drawstring which allows for tighter fastening of the pants and more comfort while training. The length of the drawstring is enough to comfortably double tie knots which decrease number of times you have to adjust your pants.

    Double Reinforced Knee Padding: The Nova gi uses double reinforced knee padding that is triple stitched across all stress points. This extra layer of fabric is used to strengthen the front of the pants leg.


    Even though the Tatami Nova gi is lightweight it still holds up well under heavy use. The Nova has sturdy collars and seams along with triple stitching. However, the Gi does experience mild popping along weaker seams but does not hinder the Gi's performance. Also, in addition with minor wear the Gi tends to shrink slightly upon washing the first time as well as stretch from more intense rolling sessions.

    Comfort & Fit

    The Tatami Nova is a bit of a tight fit even after its first wash. If you are new and unsure of your size be sure to double check your measurements. To counteract any possible shrinkage you may want to order a size larger. However, the tight fit is great for the skinnier jiu jitsu student even though it may pose problems for larger/bulkier grapplers.

    Due to the Nova gi's lightweight material it feels quite comfortable on the skin. This is great when it comes to avoiding abrasions that come with prolong rolling. For many BJJ competitors this is their go-to competition Gi if players aren't allowed to wear rash guards.

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    Tatami Nova BJJ Gi Size Chart

    Tatami Nova Gi Chart


    As you would expect from a no nonsense beginner Gi the Tatami Nova comes up a bit short on style points. The Nova comes in three basic colors white, black and blue with distinct clean looks.

    The Gi does come with badges on the hip and across the shoulders. These can be removed but due to the triple stitching they can be difficult.

    If you are on a budget or a new jiu jitsu student building out your Gi collection it's hard to beat the Nova in terms of price and substance. The Nova is also great for the old school BJJ fighter too because of its crisp clean looks.

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    Tatami Fightwear is a clothing equipment company for Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters based in the U.K. Established in 2009 by Gareth Dummer and Lee Jones to address the need for high quality BJJ gear at affordable prices. Now they sponsor some of the world's greatest Jiu Jitsu athletes and have a strong global brand.

    When I am making a purchase online I am big on reviewing brands and especially their return policies. Tatami states that the customer is liable for the return and the shipping plus the cost of the original shipping. So, be sure to purchase at your own risk. Pay special attention to order the appropriate size due to shrinking returns could prove to be a nightmare. Also, to their credit they state return cost does not apply to faulty products which you can file a claim but have to go through a rather lengthy process. In addition to their credit, I only saw one small poor customer service review.

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    The Tatami Nova offers a basic durable clean design in an attractive price range for new BJJ students and veterans alike. Great for competition due to the lightweight and anti abrasion material. However, the Gi does experience shrinkage and mild popping along weaker seams.

    Read Reviews and View Prices on Amazon.com!

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