Cheap Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Affordable BJJ Gis

Whether you’re just starting your Brazilian jiu jitsu journey or just looking to add another affordable gi to your collection we have compiled the ultimate guide to help you out. Training in Jiu-Jitsu can get costly over time and everyone would like a closet full of gis in every different weave and color. However, that isn’t always possible read our guide to find some of the best cheap BJJ gis on the market today. We also have a full guide on picking a jiu-jitsu gi if you’re interested in more options!

Cheap BJJ GI Comparison Table

Venum Contender
Sanabuls Essentials V2
EliteSports GI

Not many of us can afford that luxury but there is an exception. You can save money by building out your collection with cheap BJJ gis today.

Cheap Jiu Jitsu Gi: A Beginner’s Guide

Here is a collection of some of the best affordable BJJ Gi’s out there. These gis are affordable, durable and above all won’t have you looking like a clown during training. You can get a number of affordable gis for either under $100 or close to that price point. These gis will hold up to your toughest training sessions and are some of the best looking around.

When you are just starting out it doesn’t make much sense to purchase the best looking premium bjj gi. Our guide reviews the best cheap bjj gis for beginners to get you started off on your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey.

Elite Sports BJJ GI

Elite Sports is one of the most popular BJJ supplies in the market, and they’ve released this Gi to give you a high performance Gi at an entry level price. This Gi is manufactured out of a pre-shrunk material so you can ensure that when the size fits, it’s not going to shrink over it’s lifespan. This is my #1 choice for cheap BJJ Gi’s for those who are looking for a quality uniform at a very reasonable price! Read our in-depth Elite Sports gi review!


Pre-Shrunk Material: Designed out of pre-shrunk material so you don’t have to worry about your Gi changing sizes after washing.
IBJJF Approved: This Gi is approved by the International BJJ Federation, so you can feel confident that you’re wearing the best!
Treated For Sweat: Designed to disperse sweat while training, and designed with an anti-odor treatment to help kill any smells.

Manto Clasico V2 BJJ Gi


Manto is a high-quality martial arts brand that is focused on the grappling arts. The Manto Clasico V2 makes a great entry level gi that doesn’t sacrifice quality for the price. This is one of Manto’s pearl weave gis that is light and breathable with a crisp feel.


Pearl Weave
450 GSM
Reinforced Vents
Twill Pants
Multiple Drawstring Loops

FUJI All Around BJJ Gi

fuji all around bjj gi 3

This gi is perfect for every day rolling sessions or competitions. The FUJI All Around Gi offers a simple, aesthetic and practical gi that is both durable and stylish. This is probably one of the best cheap BJJ gis you can get for the money. Read our in-depth Fuji bjj gi reviews guide!

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Single Weave
100% Cotton

Tatami Nova Gi

tatami nova bjj gi blue

Tatami Fightwear is one of the best brands in the game right now. They have built a reputation offering affordable gis built using premium materials. The Nova is a lightweight gi with a high tech weave jacket crafted from a single piece of fabric and makes for a great cheap gi. Also, the Nova’s rubberized collar helps fight sweat absorption and provides resistance to bacteria like staph infections. Read our in-depth Tatami Nova gi review guide.

This gi comes standard with plenty of features all while not breaking the bank.

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425 GSM
Lightweight Gi
10 oz. Cotton Pants
Rubberized Collar
Reinforced Knee Padding

Sanabul Essentials Gi


The Sanabul Essential Gi is great for both the weekend practitioner or the serious competitor. Sanabul offers a cheap BJJ gi that is the perfect combination of durability and comfort all at a budget friendly price point. Sanabul believes the secret to engineering a solid gi lies in their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality. The end result is one of the best gis you can buy on the market at an affordable price point. The essentials gi comes IBJJF competition safe with four different colors to choose from black, blue, white and grey. Read our in-depth Sanabul gi review guide.

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Lightweight Fabric
Tapered Athletic Cut
Pre-shrunk Material

Inverted Gear Panda 3.0

inverted gear 3.0

The Panda 3.0 is a gi designed for those who are interested in a more playful aesthetic. It comes embroidered with pandas and offers a simple, fun, solid affordable bjj gi for all. The Panda 3.0 is built using Pearl Weave fabric with an eight-loop belt system.


550 GSM
Pearl Weave Fabric
Heat Safe Label
12 oz. Rip Stop Pants
8 Belt Loop System
Reinforcement at Seam Split

Classic Gracie Gi


If you’re just starting out Gracie offers the perfect starter jiu-jitsu gi at an affordable price. The Classic Gracie Gi is 100% cotton and IBJJF safe.


Single Weave
Belt Not Included
100% Cotton
Logo Embroidered on Shoulders and Pant Leg

Cheap Jiu Jitsu Gi: Information on Weaves, Size Charts & More

Differences Among Various Gis

First, it’s important to understand there is a difference between BJJ gis and kimonos from other martial arts. For example, Karate or Taekwondo gis won’t hold up to being grabbed and pulled while rolling. These gis are constructed using thinner materials that will likely tear the first time on the mat. Contrast this with Judo gis. Judo gis are made using much more durable material however, they have wider sleeves and are baggier. The extra material gives your opponent more fabric to grip onto. Not good! In BJJ, you want your opponent to have as little to grab onto as possible.

Understanding the Differences in Weaves

Single Weave: This weave tends to be the lightest and least expensive. Due to using less material, it is also great for training in warmer climates. These gis ranges in weight between 300 – 550 gsm.

Double Weave: As you may have guessed a double weave uses more material and is twice as dense as a single weave. These gis tend to last longer but also retain heat.

Gold Weave: The Gold Weave is a hybrid between a single and double weave. You get the lightness of a single weave with the durability of a double weave. These gis ranges in weight between 650-1050 gsm.

Pearl Weave: This type of weave is the most popular for competition purposes. It is the lightest weave allowed but is still durable enough to hold up to tough grappling sessions. These gis are comparable in price to single weave but last a bit longer.

Learn more about single vs. double weave and gain an understanding of all the fabrics.

Getting the Right Sized Affordable BJJ Gi

When you first look at a BJJ gi size chart it can be very overwhelming. However, once you understand what you’re looking for it is easy to determine what size gi you should purchase. Below is a guide to help you quickly determine your jiu-jitsu gi size.

size chart