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    Bamboo Gi

    Thanks to their environmentally friendliness and durability bamboo gis have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. Bamboo fabric is simply amazing it is softer than the average BJJ gi and has some amazing properties. Bamboo has many anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Also, they are supposed to be highly breathable and are a great choice for training during the hot summer months.

    Bamboo makes for one of the softest bjj gis you can expect to roll in. It resist shrinking and can hold up to multiple washes and over time the material will gradually become softer. Bamboo jiu jitsu gis unlike cotton become softer as opposed to cotton. The process of crafting the bamboo gi and treating requires significantly less chemicals which ends in a less abrasive gi.  If you're fortunate to find a bamboo gi, then you'll probably have one of the best quality bjj gi around!

    Also, the Bamboo plant has naturally agents that proactively fight bacteria.

    5 Interesting Facts about Bamboo Gis

    1. Bamboo jiu-jitsu gis are absorbent. On average, bamboo gis tend to be more absorbent that cotton making them ideal for more humid and hot environments. The bamboo gi absorbs persipration and allows it to evaporate easier.
    2. Bamboo gis are extremely soft and comfortable. They tend to be softer than cotton or even hemp gis.
    3. Although bamboo undergoes a chemical process prior to becoming a textile; Bamboo gis are still constructed from a natural and renewable resource.
    4. Bamboo jiu-jitsu gis help minimize and get rid of any static electricity.
    5. Bamboo bjj gis are very breathable and help with air flow.

    Bamboo Jiu-Jitsu Gi Reviews

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