Adidas BJJ Gi Review

Adidas Gi Comparison Table



  • Durable
  • lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Tear Resistant
  • IBJJF and CBJJF approved
  • Minimal Designs
  • Shrinkage Problems
  • Stiffness

Adidas Combat Sports

Adidas is a huge sports name brand and with that comes with big expectations. And it would seem that Adidas have delivered on its reputation for producing high quality products.

Adidas got its early start in 1924 as a simple sportswear manufacturer in Europe making shoes, clothing and accessories.

Adidas BJJ Gi Features

  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Proprietary cotton-polyester weave blend
  • IBJFF Safe
  • Preshrunk

The Adidas Quest BJJ Gi is designed with the athlete in mind. It’s built for those looking for a Gi that is build to last with cutting edge style and crips details.


The Adidas Quest Bjj gi comes embroidered with the iconic adidas stripe on the pants and jacket. In addition, the jacket has a stylish sublimated print inside the neck. The Gi comes standard in black, blue or white complete with an Adidas bag.

Build Quality
Jacket Build:
  • 450 GSM
  • Pearl weave fabric blend
  • Pre shrunk
  • Custom embroidery
  • 100% cotton
Pants Build:
  • Direct embroidery
  • 280 gsm drill cotton
  • Thick elastic drawstring
  • Six belt loops
  • Cotton polyester blend
Comfort & Fit

The jacket on the Adidas Quest fit snug on average. While some reviewers have noted the sleeves tend to come up a bit short. However, this gi comes preshrunk for a more ideal fit. The Adidas Quest’s jacket weighs in at 600 gram and is quick to dry and breathable. This medium weight gi is ideal for everyday training.


The Adidas contest gi is a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, roomy bjj gi with an iconic design. I’m not sure if this gi is IBJJF safe due to the strips but regardless it would still make a solid training gi.

The Adidas Champion BJJ Gi is designed specifically for competition. Coming IBJJF approved and tailored cut with Adidas patent “adi-weave” fabric blend this gi looks sharp. The Champion BJJ gi comes standard with the Adidas quality guarantee.


The Jacket sports a very striped down minimal look without Adidas iconic stripes that were on the Quest. However, the jacket does have a minimal Adidas embroidered logo on the shoulder.

Build Quality

The Atama Mundial 9 gi is made from Carioca weave material. The Carioca weave has 580 GSM and is 100% cotton. This same material is found throughout this gi and gives it a one-weave construction.

Jacket Build:
  • Light, durable and preshrunk
  • Adidas logo embroidered on shoulder
  • 550 gram
  • Adi weave blend"(60% cotton, 40% polyester)
  • Synthetic heat resistant lapel insert
Pants Build:
  • 8 oz ripstop pants
  • Double reinforced knee padding
  • 6 drawstring loops
Comfort & Fit

The outer material of the jacket is rough and perfect for fighting your opponents grip. This gi is a bit heavy at 550 gsm but the weight isn’t too noticeable. The gi does feel stiff initially but over time gradually softens up.The pants are made of ripstop and are comparable to the jacket in terms of quality.


Adidas has built a solid clean looking competition or training gi in the Champion bjj gi. The overall quality is great and sure to last up to tough roll sessions.

The Adidas Contest BJJ Gi is a high quality training gi with the iconic stripe branding. The jacket is made from a heavier 450 gsm pearl weave fabric.


The jackets most striking feature is the iconic Adidas stripes that run across the shoulders. The Adidas Contest gi comes standard in white, blue or black and is 100% cotton.

Build Quality
Jacket Build:
  • 450 gsm
  • "Adi-weave" blend
  • Pre shrunk
  • 100% Cotton
  • Slightly Tailored
Pants Build:
  • 280 gram drill cotton
  • Thick elastic drawstring
  • Six belt loops
  • Embroidered stripe patches
Comfort & Fit

Since the Adidas Contest bjj gi comes pre-shrunk there is minimal shrinkage. Also, the pants are soft, roomy and comfortable. However, due to the 450 gsm weave jacket the gi does feel a bit heavier during rolling.

adidas quest gi

Due to the stripes I am not sure if the Contest is IBJJF competition legal but it does make an excellent addition as a training gi. Built using high quality materials and complete with the iconic Adidas logo this gi is certainly worth consideration.  Check to see if any of these Adidas BJJ Gi’s made it onto our Best BJJ Gi top list!

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort & Fit
  • Style
  • Price


As a huge sports brand, selling everything from football apparel to cologne I was a bit skeptical at first. But Adidas has shown they aren’t disconnected from Brazilian jiu jitsu. They have built a line of clean looking minimal BJJ gis with some IBJJF approved for competition. Their Gi lineup is great for everyday training or tough competitions.