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    BJJ Gi Size Charts

    Buying a BJJ gi can be a lot of work, but we are here to help make that process easier. One way we do that is by compiling BJJ gi size charts from some of the most popular brands out there. One of the most important aspects when purchasing a BJJ gi is making sure it fits.

    A common mistake for beginner's is purchasing a gi that doesn't fit properly. The extra material will give your opponent more opportunities to secure grips. They can even grip the sleeve in a manner that your hand can become trapped inside. Which is obviously not ideal when you're rolling or even drilling.

    So, it makes sense to pay special attention to size charts for any BJJ gi you are looking to buy.

    BJJ Gi Sizing

    BJJ gis come in a variety of sizes from A0 to A6. The 'A' typically stands for Adult sizing and the number is representative of the different size options. The higher the number, the bigger the size. Kids BJJ gis follow a slightly different sizing. Kids BJJ gi sizing typically ranges from M0 - M4 and sometimes 000, 00, 0, 1, etc.

    It’s important to check each manufacturers gi sizing chart as all sizes can differ between companies.

    Additional Tips for finding the right sized BJJ gi:

    • Pay special attention to the weight/ height tables
    • Double check measurements of the BJJ gi you are interested in
    • Measure yourself to make sure you are a match
    • When possible, try on some of your team mates gis to get a feel for what size you are - remember each manufacturer's size differs

    Manufacturer BJJ Gi Size Charts

    Atama Gi Size Charts

    Hayabusa Gi Size Charts

    Tatami Gi Size Charts

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