Fuji All Around Gi Review



Are you looking for an all around bjj gi for everyday rolling sessions? Or a bjj gi to wear during competitions with a classic traditional feel to it? Are you a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lover, a beginner or a professional?  If so, then the FUJI All Around BJJ Gi might be for you.

Simple but unique, aesthetic and practical: this is the FUJI All Around BJJ Gi.


Quality is the most important factor for choosing a bjj gi. Unlike other Gi’s made of a cotton blend, the FUJI All Around BJJ Gi is 100% cotton. It is made of FUJI premium cotton blend. Though FUJI makes solid gi’s, all of them are really soft. You can rest assured after a few months of intensive training it still stays in its best shape.

Like other quality BJJ gi’s the hems are finished and there are no loose stitches. The armpits and flaps on the sides (the weak spots) have been strongly attached. The cord is made of flat cotton and stays tied during intense rolling sessions. The FUJI All Around BJJ gi is made from a single weave fabric for the jacket. The BJJ gi feels thick yet it is very breathable and comfortable. The jacket retains heat when cold yet is breathable to keep you cool on those tough training sessions. In addition, the pants are reinforced at the level of the knees to prevent ripping.


The FUJI ALL around bjj gi has a medium feel to it. It’s not too heavy but it isn’t too light which makes it a great choice for everyday training. This gi allows you to feel the freedom of your movements every time you wear it. Moreover, the more you train with it the more it breaks in and conforms to your body.

Comfort & Fit

Fuji All Around Gi has all the sizes from A1 to A6 so it’s easy to choose your size that will fit you well. Fuji All Around Gi’s are wide enough to get through the IBJJF gi check and their length also meets the IBJJF requirements.

Like many other pearl weave fabric this gi starts off pretty stiff but gradually soften up over time. Also, the Fuji All Around Gi is a great choice for training in hot weather.


Like a lot of other introductory bjj gi is the FUJI All Around Gi has a simple slick appeal to it. The jacket has two embroidered logos on the upper and back sleeves. In addition, there are smaller patches in the inside and lower lapel of the jacket, as well as the pants at the level of the waist.

This Gi comes in four different colors: blue, white, back and navy.


Fuji All Around Gi is a perfectly designed and comfortable Gi (kimono) which composed of a durable heavy cotton jacket and reinforced pants. Fuji All Around Gi has a classic look and its white, black and blue colors are completely allowed for international championships. This BJJ Gi is a great combination of comfort, fit, quality, price while keeping true to tradition.


The FUJI All Around gi is made out of cotton and as you may already know cotton needs a lot of care. There are several things you need to keep in mind in order to prolong the life of your Gi. Fuji All Around Gi should be washed in cold water and line dried to avoid shrinkage. It’s important to note that hot water may damage the cotton.

Another tip to keep in mind is that bleaching is highly discouraged. The reason is, that bleaching can weaken the fibers of the material and cause them to tear more easily.  Try line drying in bright sunlight. This will help to remove smells from the gi, due to the bacterial killing properties of UV light.

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort & Fit
  • Style
  • Price


Long story short, if you need a Gi that lasts years then Fuji Gi is what you need. This Gi is a highly recommended by serious BJJ enthusiasts and professionals.