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    Best BJJ Mouthguard 2021 - Reviews and Comparisons

    There isn’t a lot of gear required for BJJ outside of a jiu-jitsu gi, compression shorts and a cup. But one of the most important pieces of equipment to have is a mouthguard. There is nothing worse than rolling without one and taking a knee to the mouth.

    We highly recommend mouthguards anytime you’re rolling so you don’t get your teeth knocked out and helps guard from cuts. And if a custom fitting mouthguard from a dentist sounds out of your price range well we got you covered. We analyze and break down the best mouthguards for BJJ and MMA.

    Shock Doctor’s Strapless Mouth Guard Review

    best mouth guards for BJJ

    Shock Doctor is the market leader in mouth guards. Located in Minnesota the Shock Doctor’s Strapless MouthGuard is great for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who wear braces or are simply looking for the best protection and comfort. It is far better than other types thanks to its shock absorption and silicone-based materials it doesn’t need to be boiled or fitted.  Overall I would probably say this Shock Doctor is the best mouth guard for BJJ due to its shock absorbency and comfort. 

    This Shock Doctor mouthguard is made of mid-density polyethylene, EVA and krayton, and is designed to protect and guard both upper and lower set of teeth. This mouthguard has shock absorption fitted internally for protection and comes with jaw pads that act as shock absorbers.  These Shock Doctor mouth guards do a great job of reducing any shock to your jaw and teeth from collisions and really help to protect your mouth as a whole, especially for Brazilian jiu jitsu.  Overall this mouth guard does a great job of having a high level of comfort, and this is really down to the advanced design which fits great, and keeps everything safe.  Take a look at this product on Amazon!


    • Comfortable and is suitable for braces
    • One year product warranty
    • No boiling required


    • Dental expenditures borne by user
    • Gel quantity may be on higher side
    • Mouthguard can be quite bulky

    Read Reviews and View Prices on Amazon!

    Venum Challenger Mouthguard Review

    venum contender mouth guards

    Venum produces some of the best sports equipment around for Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Venum Challenger Mouthguard is no exception and has advanced design and allows you to breath during rolling. The Next fit gel frame of this mouthguard provides superior comfort around your teeth, both upper and lower rows of teeth.  Compared to a rubber frame that some mouthguards might have, the Next Fit Gel Frame is extremely comfortable and provide great protection.  I would consider this as well the best bjj mouthguard, due to its fit and protection.

    For top-level protection the Venum Challenger Mouth Guard makes use of a high-density rubber foam. This mouth guard breaks shock waves and protects your teeth especially with rolling with Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The mouthguard is constructed from two plastic ply and features a breathing channel.

    All in all this is a good-looking mouth guard that is easy to put in and take out. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for mouth guards that are comfortable and has a good fit.  It's available on Amazon below!


    • Venum mouthguard fits well
    • Durable product
    • Construction allows for breathing and talking during rolling
    • Sweet carrying case


    • Gumshield can run small

    Read Reviews and View Prices on Amazon!

    Sanabul Single Mouthguard Review


    This mouthguard has been designed so that it offers optimal protection for your teeth while not obstructing your airflow. The Sanabul Single Boil Mouthguard makes use of a material that helps it dry fast to minimize the build-up of bacteria.

    This mouthpiece is great for striking, grappling, MMA and other sports. It’s great for someone looking for a durable mouth guard at an affordable price with easy to mold functionality.  These are extremely affordable mouth guards and also comes in quite a few colors which is a nice touch.  Take a look at Amazon for a great price!


    • Good price point
    • Variety of color options
    • Suitable for striking & grappling


    • May need trimming
    • Described as big

    Read Reviews and View Prices on Amazon!

    SISU Mouthguard Aero Review

    SISU Mouthguard Aero

    Sisu has widely regarded as one of the best mouthguards available for Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and other combat sports it has many advantages over other mouthguards.

    This mouth guard will not obstruct you from breathing or talking while you’re rolling. The SISU Aero Mouth Guard is manufactured using a thin chew-resistant material which you can remold it several times for a great fit.  This actually gives it a very high comfort level and makes it fit perfect to your mouth.

    All in all this Sisu mouth guard is really comforting and soothing, and they promise to cover your dental bills if you manage to break a tooth.  So, its better to not risk any dental bills or dental damage, check it out this mouth guard today! Check this product out on Amazon today!


    • Lightweight and offers comfort
    • Provides enough protection
    • Can be boiled for a custom fit for added comfort.


    • Can be difficult to mould
    • Sharp plastic bits can cut mouth

    Read Reviews and View Prices on Amazon!

    Different Types of Mouthguards for BJJ and MMA

    Mouthguards are often used to protect your teeth, mouth and jaw from injury and grinding from impact during sports.  This is especially important during Jiu Jitsu because the threat of getting hit in the mouth is constantly available and that's why mouth guards are so important while rolling or practicing any martial arts.  Your teeth are extremely expensive to fix after being injured, so you should focus on protecting them in the first place.  

    Stock Mouth Protectors

    These mouthguards are performed and come ready to wear. They tend to be inexpensive and can be bought at most sporting good stores and department stores.

    However, these can be difficult to adjust their fit and tend to be bulky which may make breathing hard.  Along with this the won't provide as much protection and guards that are design specifically for your mouth.  They don't provide the same levels of protection from impact because they aren't as tight of a fit.

    Boil and bite Mouthguards

    These can also be bought at many sporting goods stores and on Amazon and may offer a better fit than most stock mouth protectors and provides an easy way to get a near perfect fit. The “boil and bite” mouth guard are designed from thermoplastic material. It is placed in hot water (usually boiling water) to soften, then placed in the mouth and shaped around your teeth.  From there you simply bite down to ensure that your mouth guards fit perfect to your mouth, hence called the boil and bite.  If you're looking for a perfect fit, then the boil and bite should be your go to!  Along with this, there are certain companies like Impact Custom, which make unique designed mouthguards for athletes, so if you're looking for the ultimate fit, consider Impact Custom.  Overall I would say that these are one of the best bjj mouthguard types for those looking for the best fit, protection and comfort.

    Custom Mouthguard

    If you're looking for the best fit and highest comfort possible, then you'll definitely need to consider getting a custom mouthguard.  Impact Mouth Guards are the best in the business for a custom mouthguard, and they'll send you a kit that makes an impression of your mouth and teeth, and once you send it back, they will manufacture a high quality mouth guard that is designed specifically for your mouth. 

    Additional Considerations for Finding the Best Mouthguard For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    When deciding between an off the shelf mouth guard and a custom mouthguard is only the beginning.  No matter what contact sports you're playing, you need a unique designed mouth guard for maximum protection!

    How to Mold Your Mouth Guard for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    Molding your mouthguard is the only way to get one of the best bjj mouthguard for you and your mouth and ensure the maximum protection possible.  We’ve made moulding a mouth guard easy with our directions.

    Heat a small pot of water until it is at a boil. Then submerge your mouthguard between 20 – 30 seconds in the boiling water.

    Be sure to check to see if your mouthguard comes with instructions for the correct boiling time. Remember you don’t want to melt the mouthguard just heat it enough so it’s pliable.

    Remove the mouthguard from the water using tongs or a knife. It’s important you handle your mouthguard with care so you don’t accidently deform it. So, don’t squeeze too tight.

    Now, you will want to cool your mouthguard by dipping it in a cup of cool water. You shouldn’t need to submerge it in cool water longer than 10 seconds. You want to cool it enough so you can put it in your mouth without burning yourself.

    Place the mouthguard in your mouth to mould it. Push it against your teeth and bite down on it lightly but firm enough so it begins to mold.

    Finally, so the mould takes you will need to cool it again. You can do this by dipping it in cold water and letting it set for around 30 seconds. If the mouthguard doesn’t fit properly you can simply remould it.

    How to Find the Best Mouthguard for Braces?

    It’s hard enough to find the best mouthguard for BJJ or MMA but add braces into the mix and it becomes almost impossible. But there are some further considerations that need to made to find the best mouthguard for braces.

    Custom fit is important. Most mouthguards for braces are a one size fits all solution. You will need a custom fit mouthguard that will provide the best protection for your teeth and braces. A unique designed mouthguard will fit exactly to the shape of your mouth and keep them secure.

    You need room for growth. Braces slowly move teeth in place for the perfect smile. As a result, while your teeth are undergoing this process, they need room. This means you will need a mouthguard that will not impede with this movement.

    Bottom mouthguards protect your braces. Most injuries occur on your top teeth. Which is why athletes commonly wear mouthguards for their upper teeth. However, with braces we recommend a mouthguard on the bottom teeth. When it comes to BJJ, MMA and boxing the bottom mouthguard will protect your mouth from getting cut up by sharp brackets.

    Understanding How Your Mouthpiece Fits

    This is one of the more important aspects when choosing your mouthguard. You don’t want to train with a mouth piece that is either constantly falling out or is restricting your breathing. This can cause more harm than good.

    If you have a custom mouthguard keep a watch on any changes over time. Especially if you’re still growing or wearing braces because your teeth formation can change.

    Does Your Mouthguard Protect Your Teeth?

    Generally, the thicker your mouthguard the more protection it offers. But with a thick mouthguard comes the potential of your breathing being restricted. If you’re struggling to breathe during hard rolling sessions then it could be time to try another mouthguard.

    Whatever mouthguard you decide for MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, or boxing make sure that it fits well and will help protect your teeth.

    How Should a Mouthguard Fit?

    Here’s a quick checklist to run through to make sure your mouthguard fits properly.

    You shouldn’t be gagging. This probably sounds obvious but if your mouthguard makes you gag, then something is wrong.

    There’s a myth out there that a mouthpiece should completely cover all of the upper teeth. But that’s not true and is part of the reason for gagging.

    No biting or clenching. If you find yourself biting down on your mouthpiece to keep it in place then it doesn’t fit properly.

    Your mouthguard should stay securely around your upper teeth without falling out. There shouldn’t be a need to stop and adjust mid roll or during a sparring session.

    You should be able to speak clearly. This is an easy test to see if your mouthpiece fits properly. If it interferes with your speech and breathing then clearly your mouthguard isn’t fitting correctly.

    Frequently Asked BJJ Mouthguard Questions

    Do I need a mouthguard for BJJ?

    Typically, first classes for BJJ you won’t need a mouthguard. You will spend time drilling and doing some light positional sparring which doesn’t require a mouthpiece for BJJ.

    However, some people don’t use mouthguards at all, and others use them when rolling or sparring towards the end of class. And most people generally wear them during competitions.

    You don’t need one but if you value your teeth and aren’t very fond of the dentist then I’d highly recommend wearing a bjj mouthguard anytime you want to roll or go live outside of normal drilling.

    Where Can I Find a Custom Mouthguard?

    There are no shortage of places you can look online to get a custom bjj mouthguard created. Gladiator Guards makes high quality custom mouthguards that have robust features. Gladiator custom mouthguards build your mouthguard so it’s specific for your sport and enhances performance rather than take away from it.  Overall custom mouthguards should be the best bjj mouthguard for you due to it being custom made for your mouth.  

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