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    Inverted Gear Gi Review

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    • Durable
    • lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Tear Resistant
    • IBJJF and CBJJF approved
    • Minimal Designs
    • Shrinkage Problems
    • Stiffness

    Inverted Gear: a Simple, Fun, Solid Gi for All

    Inverted Gear Gi is a nice choice if you are looking for a simple, classic Gi. This BJJ Gi is perfect to wear even in summer, in hot temperature when usually other Gi's make you feel uncomfortable. The most noticeable feature of the Inverted Gear bjj line is their unique panda logo. The panda is a nice break from the other affliction style logos and designs. The logo is cute but surprisingly has a nice solid look and adds to the gis overall appeal. Inverted Gear was established fairly recently in 2012, but they’ve grown in prominence over the years. Over the last few years they have become a mainstay at international competitions. Their Gi’s usually comes in 3 different colors blue, black and white combined with a variety of colored logos on them: blue, purple, orange, and black.  Continue reading and you'll find out why Inverted Gear offer some of the best gis for bjj in the industry!

    Inverted Gear Gi cannot be considered as an expensive or a cheap Gi. Its price is reasonable. This is a combination of the best possible price, comfort and high quality. It's easy to find this kimono in stores. It's also available in online stores with different sizes and color choices.

    Inverted Gear Gi Features

    • Ripstop pants
    • Mouth piece/ID pocket in pants
    • Custom embroidered logos
    • Custom gi bag

    Inverted Panda 3.0 Review

    inverted gear 3.0

    The panda 3.0 is a bjj gi for those who are over the whole Affliction trend. The embroidered pandas make a unique alternative to the Kingz sharp embroidered crown shoulder patch.

    The panda 3.0 has a simple yet playful design Inverted Gear has developed a simple, fun, solid gi for all.


    The Panda 3.0 offers a clean sleek design with fun embroidered pandas on the shoulders along with playful yellow accents. The gi comes standard in white and blue. Aside from that the jacket is pretty tuned down and minimal.

    Build Quality

    The attention to detail in the construction of the Panda 3.0 is what sells it. The jacket is built out of a 550 gram Pearl Weave fabric. The pants feature an eight-loop belt system on the pants with two extra wide loops and three regular-sized loops to ensure the drawstring stays in place during roll sessions. Also, the butt features extra ripstop fabric reinforcement for all you berimbolo-ing players.

    Jacket Build:
    • 550 gsm
    • pearl weave fabric
    • Custom embroidered logos on the shoulders
    • Heat safe lapel
    • Small patch on lower left lapel
    Pants Build:
    • 12 oz rip-stop weave fabric
    • 8 belt loop system with two extra-wide loops
    • Stretchy rope drawstring
    • Reinforcement at the seam split
    Comfort & Fit

    The jacket is lightweight and the rip stop pants don't get stiff. However, the jacket and sleeves tend to run a bit long. But if you want a more tapered fit you can always shrink this gi in the wash.



    Inverted Gears Panda 3.0 is great for anyone looking for a chill minimal gi with high-quality design.

    Inverted Gear Light Pearl Review

    inverted gear light pearl

    Inverted Gear's Light Pearl Weave Gi is a mix of combination of fit and style. This sleek looking breathable gi comes standard with custom embroidered patches. This Pearl Weave Gi sports the same chill friendly vibe as its colleagues.


    The light pearl weave gi comes in a variety of colors and comes standard with custom embroidered logos on the shoulders. Unfortunately, the jacket doesn't come with any contrast stitching on the collar but makes up for it with accent trimming at the y of the jacket.

    Build Quality
    Jacket Build:
    • 350 gsm
    • Pearl weave fabric
    • 100% Cotton
    • Custom embroidered patches on shoulders
    Pants Build:
    • Ripstop pants with pearl weave gusset
    • 12 oz
    • 6 loop system
    • Elastic Rope
    Comfort & Fit

    The light pearl weave gi is great for anyone looking for a super light gi for training. With its lightweight feel and simple yet clean designs you can’t go wrong.



    The light pearl weave gi is great for anyone looking for a super light gi for training. With its lightweight feel and simple yet clean designs you can’t go wrong.  Do you think Inverted Gi's made it to our top BJJ Gi's list?

    inverted gear 3.0 1
    inverted gear 3.0
    inverted gear light pearl


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