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    Piranha Gear Black Single Weave

    Not everyone is in the market for an expensive, flashy gi that is loaded with (sometimes useless) features, particularly those beginning their participation in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. To fill this market, Piranha has created the BJJ Uniform Single Weave. As the name suggests, the gi is made from the single weaved material, making it quite light but also less durable.

    To counteract this lack in durability, extra stitching and reinforcements were included in all the standard stress areas, making the construction of the Single Weave on par with much more expensive gis. Starting at $74.99, the Single Weave is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality and affordable gi to practice in.


    Free of any kind of patches and logos, the Single Weave is pretty bare in regards to eye-catching aesthetics. The gi is completely black, with no variations in the color throughout. While some may find this a drawback, it does allow for complete customization of the gi if you purchase patches of your own.

    As a bonus, the gi does come with a free white belt (further reinforcing a fact that Piranha also states, which is that the Single Weave is meant primarily for those beginning in jiu-jitsu).


    The comfort of the Single Weave is as good or better than gis that are much more expensive, The fabric is soft, (although some reviews have complained about it being too fuzzy) and the single weave fabric is plenty light for comfortable summertime use. To aid with the fit and to keep you from having to constantly retie the drawstring, the pants of the Single Weave are equipped with an elastic waistband.

    Piranha Gear Back Gi Size Chart

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    The durability of the Piranha Single Weave is perhaps what is most in question with this gi. The fabric is thin and light, making it unavoidably prone to rips and tears. Also, the elastic drawstring sewn into the waist of the pants is said to be prone to snapping. Despite this, Piranha took great care to see that the gi was well reinforced, adding extra stitching in all the standard areas of stress and adding cross stitching in the knees of the pants.

    Jacket Build

    The jacket of the Single Weave is made from 450 gram, pearl weaved material, and comes with several desirable features. One of these is a close fitting cut, making the gi more difficult for an opponent to grip. Another is a thick (two inch) collar for maximum comfort and to also help break an opponent’s grip. Though it is void of any patches, the weight and cut of the Single Weave jacket make it comparable to the jackets of gis that are in a much higher price range.

    Pants Build

    The pants of the Single Weave are fairly standard. Like the jacket, they are made from 450 gram, pearl weaved material, and they are reinforced in the knees with double stitching and quilting. One feature that isn’t quite as common, however, is the elastic waistband that is sewn into the fabric of the pants. Though some have complained about the durability of the band and its tendency to snap, it does allow for a better, more comfortable fit and keeps you from having to re-tie the drawstring quite as often as you otherwise would.


    It’s hard to find a better gi for the money than the Piranha Single Weave. The gi is comfortable and soft, well reinforced, clean and attractive despite its lack of patches, and backed by Piranha’s outstanding customer service. While the durability of the Single Weave is questionable, this is a problem faced by most any lightweight gi, making the Single Weave still an incredibly good option for the price. For anyone looking to buy a gi to begin their training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or for someone wanting a bare, cheap backup gi, the Single Weave is a great choice to consider.

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