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    Best Lightweight BJJ Gi Review

    Whether you live in an area that has brutal summers, a tropical environment or maybe you just overheat easy then you need a lightweight BJJ gi (sometimes referred to as ultra light or ultralight gis). We get it, the last thing you want to happen when you're training is to over heat. This is why we have compiled a guide of the best lightweight BJJ gi's for training and competition.

    Lightweight BJJ Gi Comparison Table

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    What Weaves are lightweight for jiu jitsu?

    Before you begin searching for your next lightweight BJJ gi you need to know which types of weaves are typically lightweight.

    The single weave gi are made out of a single weave hence the name so this weave is ideal for hotter weather training. However, it's important to remember lightweight gis made out of this material will wear out more often because they are thinner and loosely woven. Plus depending on whether you intend to compete or not you shouldn't get too comfortable training with a single weave BJJ gi because they aren't permitted in some organizations. If you plan on using a single weave gi in competition, just make sure they're IBJJF approved! Although for training, single weave make great lightweight gis!

    An alternative if you're thinking about competing is a lightweight gi made with pearl weave fabric. Pearl weave gis are some of the most popular weaves for competition. The reason is simple, it is the lightest gi allowed in competition. But they are still very durable. And they are comparable in price to single weave gis but tend to last a bit longer. If you're interested in heavier gis as well, then check out gis that are denser and heavier than regular single weave.

    Hayabusa Lightweight Gi

    Our first lightweight gi review is the Hayabusa lightweight gi. This is an entry-level budget friendly bjj gi, although definitely still a contender for the best lightweight gi. This is a sharp minimal looking gi that comes in a variety of colors from blue, grey, white, green to black. Along with this, it also comes in a variety of sizes for that perfect fit!

    This gi has a lightweight feel that will ensure you stay cool and don't overheat while training. The jacket is constructed with 420 gsm pearl weave cotton and features reinforced lapel stress areas.

    Hayabusa Lightweight Gi Specs:


    • 420 GSM
    • Pearl Weave Cotton
    • Reinforced Lapel Stitching Design


    • 8 oz.
    • Ripstop
    • Cotton-polyester Blend


    This lightweight gi from Hayabusa is great if you're looking for an additional stylish gi to wear during hot summer months or just need something light to take on business trips.




    Shop the Hayabusa Lightweight Gi Today!

    Fuji Lightweight (Summerweight) Gi

    Our next entry on our lightweight jiu jitsu gi review is FUJI lightweight gi. This gi comes highly recommended for hot weather training and is great when you need to make weight at a competition. While this is a very stripped down minimal gi, it does have a very clean look.

    While this gi isn't the most stylish, it doesn't skimp on performance. The jacket is made from a Pearl Weave fabric and comes pre shrunk with a thick rubber collar.

    Fuji Lightweight Gi Specs:


    • Pearl Weave
    • Pre Shrunk
    • 100% Cotton


    • Pre Shrunk
    • 100% Cotton
    • Durable


    This is one of the best lightweight bjj gis you can get for your money. This FUJI gi is carefully crafted to deliver performance all at an affordable price point.




    Shop the FUJI Lightweight Gi Today!

    Hayabusa Pro Lightweight Gi

    Up next is Hayabusa's lightweight Pro Gi. This is a sharp looking clean gi made out of a lightweight fabric that comes pre washed. This lightweight BJJ gi comes in three colors. It comes in black, white and blue - black belt not included.

    The jacket is a 350 gsm pearl weave blend and the pants are made from 10 oz ripstop blend. Also, as a bonus this lightweight BJJ gi has reinforced seams at the bottom of the legs along with the jacket which we don't often see in this price range.

    Hayabusa Pro Lightweight Gi Specs


    • 350 GSM
    • Pearl Weave
    • Ripstop Label


    • 10 oz. Ripstop
    • Reinforced Seams
    • Pre washed


    If you're looking for a lightweight BJJ gi to compete in then this is an easy choice. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a quality, lightweight competition BJJ gi.




    Shop the Hayabusa Ultra-Light Gi Today

    Tatami Fightwear - Zero G v4

    The final gi on our lightweight BJJ gi list is the Tatami Zero G V4. This gi comes in black or white and features embroidered logos and tastefully done blue contrast stitching material. This version of the Zero G has been designed in conjunction with various professional athletes so this final versions' performance is consistent across all sizes.

    The 9 oz double reinforced twill cotton pants and quality 475 gsm pearl weave jacket makes it ideal for hot weather training and also competitions.

    Tatami Fightwear - Zero G V4 Specs


    • Pearl Weave
    • 475 GSM
    • Rubberized Collar


    • 10 oz
    • Heavy Cotton
    • Branded Embroidery


    The Zero G v4 is a fantastic competition and daily training gi for hot weather. However, you can expect to have some shrinkage even with cold wash and line dry. So, bear that in mind when shopping!




    Shop the Tatami Zero G V4 Gi Today

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