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About Vulkan Fight Company

VULKAN is a premier brand that was established in 2002 with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the Jiu-Jitsu market. Vulkan professionals nowadays design kimonos that are not only be strong and resilient, but also light and comfortable to the athlete.

Combined all of the needs of Jiu Jitsu practitioner in 2004 Vulkan created the very first Pro-Light Gi. The Pro-Light Gi has become the benchmark Gi worldwide. In 2009, Vulkan elevated the game once again by designing the lightest Gi ever made in the market till now. Vulkan has made a name for itself as a brand that is famous for its light, soft and comfortable Gi’s.

Vulkan BJJ Gi Features

Vulkan Ultra Light BJJ Gi Review


Vulkan Ultra Light BJJ GI is one of the world’s lightest kimonos available in the stores. This is a comfortable and durable, light and at the same time very solid Gi. This Gi is a perfect choice for both the BJJ beginners and professionals alike.


Except for the professional cut, Vulkan Ultra Light BJJ GI is unique as it’s made of light Honeycomb weave which is rare for kimonos. From the first glance it’s visible that this GI possess excellent craftsmanship while paying homage to traditional design.

This ultra light kimono comes in three different colors which are black, white and blue. All the colors of this BJJ GI meet the IBJJF requirements and are IBJJF approved.

Build Quality
Jacket Build:

Even lighter than the Pro Light, this Ultra Light kimono is sure to surprise you. We mentioned above that this Gi is completely made of Honeycomb weave but the label is also made of a rubberized lapel that prevents bacteria buildup.

There are 2 nicely located logos on the jacket: one on the right (while wearing) shoulder located horizontally and the other one from the left shoulder located vertically.

Pants Build:

Vulkan Ultra Light BJJ GI pants look traditional and classy. They are made of preshrunk material and are extremely comfortable to wear even during summer trainings. There is a nice ”VULKAN” logo located vertically on the right leg (while wearing) which gives a nice solid look to the Kimono.

Comfort & Fit

This is one of the most comfortable Gi’s in the market because it’s not only light and soft, but it has a wide variety of sizes.


The Ultra Light model is even lighter than the Pro light line which is very exciting if you are looking for your first Gi, or getting ready for your next professional competition. This Gi breaths, it’s soft, comfortable and affordable.

Vulkan Pro Light BJJ Gi Review

vulkan prolight

One of the most popular lightweight Gis now out on the market is the Vulkan Pro Light Gi. Aside from being light, comfortable, soft and durable there are also number of reasons why this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi stands out.


Vulkan Pro Light Gi is made of soft and supple fabric which gives a nice light feeling while wearing them. The design of the GI looks tidy, solid and stylish. It also comes standard with a couple of shoulder patches, a lower lapel patch and a chest patch. On the pants, there is a patch found on the left leg side and a small hip patch. It’s also noticeable that this kimono design is balanced because it’s not over decorated or as plain as other products out there.

Build Quality
Jacket Build:

Today you hardly will find a lighter and softer jacket on the market. The Vulkan Pro Light is constructed with a honeycomb weave fabric along with a rubber insert found on the lapel which helps this Brazilian Gi dry faster than any other Jiu Jitsu tops and after multiple washings it still stays the same and doesn’t lose its lightness and softness.

There are 3 logos on the jacket: 1-1 on each shoulder which are located horizontally and the other one is located on the right shoulder vertically.

Pants Build:

Vulkan Pro Light pants are also designed so that while being very classy they are also very durable. Apart from that, it doesn’t limit your movements so you are free to be perfect. The draw string has more a classic design with a simple piece of string. Even though these pants are very easy to tie, they become very hard to untie once they get sweaty.

Comfort & Fit

While choosing a Gi every BJJ professional athlete prioritizes its comfort and fit.


Long story short the Vulkan Pro Light is considered as one of the best and at the same time affordable Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimonos available for sale. The fit is great, it’s durable and soft. What else do you need?

Vulkan Pro ECO Training BJJ Gi Review

vulkan pro eco

While designing Vulkan Pro ECO Training BJJ Gi the main principles of the company was to care about their customers and the environment. That is why the Gi is called ”ECO”. This Gi as any other Vulkan kimonos is super-light and at the same time durable.


As this kimono is an ECO product, it doesn’t have a fancy design because it doesn’t have the dyeing chemical on the fabric which helps to prevent the use of hazardous materials and makes the cotton on its own nature stronger. Which is also a drawback as this gi only comes in white for obvious reasons.

Build Quality
Jacket Build:

Made of 100% raw cotton and no color additives this jacket is really nice looking and is more than comfortable for everyday trainings. There are overall 2 logos in the jacket: 1-1 on each shoulder located horizontally.

Pants Build:

The pants are extremely durable and are also made of 100% raw cotton. Just like the jacket. They are traditional but at the same time really nice-looking. There is nothing remarkable and fancy. It has a pure design and it feels really comfortable during serious competitions or your everyday trainings

Comfort & Fit

While Vulkan Pro ECO Training BJJ Gi reduces pollution and helps to preserve the planet, it also gives you a nice feeling of confidence while wearing them. All you need to do is to choose your right size and for that reason we present you the official sizing chart:

size chart

Made of 0% chemical additives and 100% raw cotton with, this ECO Gi offers the BJJ athletes an alternative way to save the world. So just care for the planet and go green with the Pro Eco Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi from Vulkan Fight Company.

Vulkan Gi Brand
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VULKAN as the premier brand was established in 2002 with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the Jiu-Jitsu market. Vulkan professionals nowadays design kimonos that would not only be strong and resilient but also light and comfortable to the athlete.