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    5 Best BJJ Rash Guard 2020 - Reviews

     If you are new to the sport of Jiu Jitsu or a long-time veteran, at some point you will find yourself shopping for a rash guard. Rash guards come in all shapes and sizes from a wide variety of manufacturers, but not all are made the same. Having been in the sport for a while now I have had personal experience with a variety of rash guards, and trust me, not all are made equally. I have paid top dollar for some that feel like poor quality compression shirts, conversely I have found some for a great price that were very high quality. So that leads to the question of how do you know what makes a good rash guard. One way is to do like I first did and that was a lot of trial and error. I simply found rash guards that caught my eye and I ordered them. Consequently, I have several that look fantastic… but are not made well. For the record, I do not recommend this approach.

    I learned to do some research and talk to other practitioners about brands they trust. In short, I became an informed consumer. One pitfall I have also run into is that there are some very high quality brands of rash guards out there, but they are quite expensive and some companies are slower to ship than others. If you are like me, once you have made a purchase you hate waiting for it to arrive. Below is my list of some fantastic rash guards for the new or experienced grappler, that won’t break the bank, and they are all sold by Amazon so shipping time should not be an issue. This list is based on my personal research of the rash guards.

    Elite Sports BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards (Top Pick for working on a budget)

    Elite Sports is a California based company that specializes in combat sports training gear, clothing and supplies. Elite Sports tends to not be a high priced company, but do not confuse low price with low quality. This is the case with the Elite Sports Ranked Short Sleeve Rash Guard.

    Elite Sports Short Sleeve Ranked BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards, is a proven rash guard for MMA, boxing, No Gi, as a base layer for Gi rolling, and for traditional martial arts. With its lightweight 90% polyester and 10% spandex design makes this a very breathable option for hot training sessions. It also features 4 way stretching to prevent chafing and mat burns. With its simple but elegant design and being available in traditional rank colors (white, blue, purple, brown and black) this rash guard is IBJJF approved making it an excellent choice for competition.

     A few of the issues that some have run into with the Elite Ranked Short Sleeve Ranked Rash Guard has been with sizing. This rash guard may run a little small, so make sure you double check the size chart. As a general rule, if you are on the cusp between two sizes go up a size. The primary issue tends to be in the shoulder and armpit areas. Keep in mind that the majority of rash guards are meant to be tight, this gives them the benefit of a compression shirt that improves blood circulation to your muscles. As always, if in doubt order up a size. 

    This rash guard is from a solid reputable company, with its high quality and low price its perfect for any practitioner that is just getting into combat sports or for anyone looking for a budget friendly rash guard. 

    Anthem Athletics Midnight Ranked Competition Rash Guard

    Based out of North Carolina, Anthem Athletics is a fairly new company that was established in 2015, with the goal of creating high-performance apparel and gear for mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, submission grappling and other combat sports. All of which they are achieving. If you are in the market for anything from boxing gloves to a Jiu Jitsu Gi Anthem Athletics has a product for you.

    The Anthem Athletics Midnight Ranked Competition Rash Guard strives for a simple yet pleasing to the eye designs. For this rash guard, Anthem Athletics has put a greater emphasis on quality of the product as opposed to flashy artwork. This rash guard is made designed to function as a compression shirt with durable light weight fabric that will wick moisture away, it does exactly what it is designed to do: keep you comfortable and protected during your Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts or other combat sport workouts. For those of you that are competing, the Anthem Athletics Midnight Ranked Competition Rash Guard is IBJJF competition approved.  

    The Anthem Athletics Midnight Ranked Competition Rash Guard compression rash guard will fit like a second skin. For some people this can feel too restrictive or that it runs small. For those that do not want a second skin consider going up a size, or if you are on the border between two sizes, it may be wise to go up a size. It is recommended that you consult the sizing chart before you purchase.  

    Overall, this is a great rash guard from a company that is growing in popularity in all combat sports. If you are in the market for a rash guard to train in or for an IBJJF competition this could be the one you are looking for.  

    Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rashguard - Camo Rash Guard Compression Shirt

    With a statement like “Gold BJJ makes high performance gear and training tools for Brazilian Jiu JItsu athletes” this San Diego based company proves they can not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk as well. Unlike many other companies making Jiu Jitsu apparel along with a wide variety of other fight sports supplies, Gold BJJ specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu apparel, gear and supplements. Consequently, they know what Jiu Jitsu practitioners are looking for in their gear and strive to deliver it. All of their products are “designed by Jiu Jitsu players, for Jiu Jitsu players”.    

    Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Camo Rash Guard Compression Shirt for No-Gi or Gi offers long sleeve or short sleeve options for the same low price. In addition to the two sleeve options, the Gold Jiu Jitsu rash guard features smooth flatlock stitching that, according to the company, will feel invisible while you roll. The Rash guard is made with an ultra strong light weight 80/20 poly blend moisture wicking fabric. One unique feature that this rash guard offers is vented underarms, to help air flow and keep you cooler during hot training sessions. This rash guard is also designed with slightly extended trim, meaning that it is not going to hike up on you while you are rolling.  

    Like many of the other rash guards on this list the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Camo Rash Guard is a compression shirt as well. Being a compression shirt, it is designed to keep you safe and promote blood flow through out your body. Consequently, you may run into sizing issues. Be sure you double check the size chart, and if you are not sure of the size it may be a good idea to go up a size, or you can contact Gold BJJ’s customer service to get their assistance.  It should be noted that due to the urban camo coloring it is not permitted for IBJJF competitions.

    Overall, the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Camo Rash Guard is a fantastic rash guard that is backed by their Gold BJJ guarantee. Simply put if you are not satisfied with the rash guard, they will replace it or refund it with no questions asked. With a guarantee like that and the quality of this rash guard you cannot go wrong with a rash guard for Gold BJJ.  

    HUGE SPORTS Wildling Series Quick Dry Compression Rash Guard

    Huge Sports is based and manufactured in the FuJian Province of China. Huge is a subsidiary of the Hong Group which has been making quality sportswear since 1988. As part of the Hong Group, Huge Sports benefits from their over 30 years of experience. Huge Sports has the dream “to become the world’s leading sportswear supplier that discovers, creates, and satisfy the needs of every customer.” As such, Huge Sports makes a variety of gear and apparel for a multitude sports and are quite popular in the surfing community. It should be noted that Jiu Jitsu’s use of rash guards originated from practitioners who also loved to surf.

    HUGE SPORTS Wildling Series UV Protection Quick Dry Compression Rash Guard features a striking aesthetic with an animal totem based, geometric design. There are ten different animal totem options, my personal favorite is the Bear design.  These rash guards are made from 80% Polyamide (Nylon), 20% Elastane blend material creating a durable fabric that features a UPF 50+ (ultra violet protection). The Wildling Series rash guard will withstand a hard Jiu Jitsu training session, a day at the beach or any activity you choose to use it for. One feature that will appeal to everyone is its low price, this rash guard will protect you on the mats, while going easy on the pocketbook.    

    Like many rash guards there tends to be mixed reviews regarding sizing of the Wildling Series rash guard. Huge Sorts recommends ordering as size up if you do not want a compression shirt fit. Keep in mind that this rash guard is imported so follow the size chart carefully and it may run small.

    If you are looking for a quality rash guard from an established and proven brand, then look no further. With its stunning geometric totem design, you can harness the power of your spirit animal while on the mats.

    Venum Nogi 2.0 Rashguard - Long Sleeves

    Venum was established in 2005, and this French company has taken the combat sports world by storm. With its origins in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Jiu Jitsu, Venum has sponsored multiple elite MMA stars. Including the legends of the sport Wanderlei Silva, Jose Aldo, Lyoto Machida, and Mauricio Shogun Rua. With big names promoting the Venum brand, Venum has strived to ensure they are producing a high-end product worthy of the names that wear them. Venum’s multifaceted combat sports line is manufactured to the highest of standard in Thailand.

    With its reputation for high quality products the Venum Nogi 2.0 rash guard is living up to the company’s standard. The Nogi 2.0 is designed with an athletic fitted cut and fits like a second skin that lets you move freely while rolling, while improving circulation and helps accelerate recovery. Made form a blend of 87% Polyester/13% Elastane with reinforced seams, the Nogi 2.0 offers a breathable insulation system that will keep you warm and dry during your training sessions. Coming in the traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt colors of White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black (with red highlights) you can show your rank when rolling Nogi. Designed with a large body muscle graphing on front and back as well as the ever recognizable Venum logo on the sleeves, you won’t be disappointed with the Nogi 2.0.

    As always it is recommended you double check the sizing chart when ordering the Venum Nogi 2.0 rash guard to ensure the correct fit. Keep in mind this is designed with an athletic fit cut, meaning it is designed for your classic V shape upper body, with more room in shoulder and chest and a tailored waist.

    Coming from a company like Venum, you can rest assured that this is a high quality rash guard. If training with a Gi or without, the Venum Nogi 2.0 rash guard is sure to meet your needs on the mat, and you will be doing it in classic Venum style.    

    HAWK Sports Mens Compression Shirts Rash Guard

    HAWK Sports is a company with over 21 years experience in producing traditional sporting equipment, motorbike equipment, as well as traditional martial arts and Mixed Martial Arts gear. As a company, they place an intense focus on developing quality products. HAWK Sports is based in Pakistan, with offices with Dubai, Germany, England and the USA, giving them a birds-eye view of the worlds sports equipment needs. As such HAWK Sports strives to become the leading manufacture of sports balls and martial arts gear in the world. However, with these aspirations HAWK Sports has managed to maintain low prices on their gear while producing quality products.

    The HAWK Sports Men’s Compression Shirts Base Layer is designed to be a multifunctional rash guard. This rash guard is well suited for “striking or grappling, yoga or cross-fit, MMA or BJJ, surfing or swimming, boarding or hiking, even weight lifting or running”. With an UPF 50+ rating and its fast-dry fabric you will not have to worry about the sun or staying moisture, no matter what sport you are using the HAWK Sports rash guard for. With reinforced seams and LYCRA stretch panels for unlimited mobility when grappling.  With its high contrast white stitching on black it makes this rash guard very eye catching.

    Like with all compression rash guards you need to be mindful of the size chart when you order the HAWK Sports Men’s Compression Shirts Base Layer. Keep in mind that this is a compression shirt and is designed to fit snuggly to provide you with the benefits improved circulation and quicker recovery time that compression clothing is designed for. HAWK Sports provides a lifetime warranty, so if you do experience a problem with this product due to material or the quality of workmanship they will replace it free of charge.

    HAWK Sports Mens Compression Shirts Base Layer is an excellent choice for the Gi or Nogi practitioner. It will meet your needs on the mats or pursuing any of your sporting adventures.     

    Final Thoughts on Rash Guards

    If you are a BJJ hobbyist or competing at the elite level, at some point you will purchase a rash guard. Many schools and competitions require them before you step on the mats. They are required for your protection and basic hygiene issues. When selecting a rash guard for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there are many on the market to choose from. It is important to not to get distracted by the flashiest most eye-catching design. Look for quality companies with a solid reputation and you will be pleased with your purchase and will get many hours of grappling enjoyment from them. Reliable companies like Elite Sports, Anthem Athletics, Gold BJJ, Huge Sports, Venum or HAWK Sports are all companies you can trust and sell high quality rash guards you can depend on. But no matter what rash guard you choose, keep training, keep rolling and we will see you on the mats.   

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