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    Gameness Gi Size Chart

    Found in 1998, their products have been built specifically for the mat and the gym. Over the years this brand has grown from a niche sports apparel brand to a mainstream BJJ brand selling gear through major retailer outlets.

    Gameness works closely with professional jiu-jitsu athletes to create gear that is both comfortable and durable for performanced. Gameness BJJ gis come IBJJF approved for the serious jiu-jitsu competitor.

    At BJJ Informer, we know it's hard to find a proper fitting jiu-jitsu gi. That's why we have included Gameness gi size charts for their line of BJJ gis.

    Gameness: Air, Pearl, Feather & Elite Gi Size Chart

    The Gameness Air gi is an ultra-light bjj gi that features a 350 GSM jacket that is ultra light and comes competition approved. And the pearl gi is simple, clean and comes with a 550 gsm pearl weave jacket.

    Gameness Fitted Feather Gi Size Chart

    The Gameness Feather Gi comes with a 450 gsm pearl weave jacket that is soft and comfortable. This gi is extremely clean looking and durable.

    Currently, the Feather Gi comes in blue, black and white. Refer to the Gameness Fitted Feather Gi size chart above to find your size.

    Gameness Female Pearl Gi Size Chart

    The new Female Gameness Pearl Gi embodies the new look of the brand: simple and clean. This model has been constructed to be long-lasting and comes with a 550 gsm pearl weave jacket and a rubber collar for faster drying.

    The pants are made with a soft but durable 12 oz twill blend.

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