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    Atama Gi



    • Durable
    • lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Tear Resistant
    • IBJJF and CBJJF approved
    • Minimal Designs
    • Shrinkage Problems
    • Stiffness

    Atama Brand Overview

    Since 1989, Atama has sought to build high quality gear for the most demanding BJJ athletes and consumers. Atama BJJ Kimonos are developed by grapplers for grapplers using only quality materials to provide comfort and durability.  If you're interested in other gi's, then check out our top list for the best gi brands!

    Simply put, Atama bjj gi's quality is always top notch.

    Atama: a word of japanese origin meaning head, mind and intelligence.

    Atama BJJ Gi Features

    • Great For Hot Weather Training
    • Durable For Competition
    • IBJFF Safe
    • Reinforced Stressed Points

    Atama Ultra Light Kimono Review

    atma light gi

    The Ultra Light BJJ Kimono is the ultimate tool for the serious competition athlete. Thanks to exhaustive testing Atama struck the right balance between lightness and strength.


    The Atama ultra light gi is simple. But not in a bad way. There is no contrast stitching, no fancy taping, no flair. However, it does have the Atama Ribbon with elegant gold stitching. Simple can be stylish and refreshing. The Atama ultra light gi embraces that minimalist beauty very well.

    Build Quality

    The Atama ultra light kimono has reinforcements in all the traditional spots with triple stitched seams. Additionally, the pants and collar are made of military Rip-Stop fabric. This gi was developed for maximum comfort, lightness and allowing the fabric to dry quickly.

    Comfort & Fit

    The jacket does not hinder movement nor does it shrink in the wash. However, the Atama ultra light gi can fit a bit smaller than average. Make sure to refer to their size chart.



    The Atama light gi is an excellent lightweight gi that is ideal for training on hot days and submission only tournaments. The Ultra Light Kimono weighs in at 1.2 Kg (A2 size) which makes it the lightest BJJ Gi. Also, this gi is IBJJF approved for use in competition.

    This makes an ideal competition gi or even a gi you bring out on those hot summer months.

    Atama Mundial 9 Gi Review

    atama mundial gi

    In continuing their momentum Atama built a successor to their mundial model #7. They took feedback from BJJ practitioners and decided the mundial model #7 needed a facelift. As a result, the Atama mundial 9 was born.


    While the Atama Mundial 9 Gi is a no bling gi it still has a clean crisp look. This BJJ gi is very minimal aside from a large embroidered logo on each shoulder. This simple and clean design shows that less can be more as cliche as that sounds.

    Build Quality

    The Atama Mundial 9 gi is made from Carioca weave material. The Carioca weave has 580 GSM and is 100% cotton. This same material is found throughout this gi and gives it a one-weave construction.

    The Atama Mundial 9 is designed to be comfortable and be able to hold up to the harshest punishments you can throw at it.

    Comfort & Fit

    The Atama Mundial has shorter arms when compared to its counterparts. This leads to less material for training partners to grab onto. In addition, reviewers have complain of the stiffness of the gi. However, that same stiffness makes it difficult for opponents to grip.

    It's also important to note the Mundial 9 takes time to wash and fully shrink to the appropriate size. In general, it could take six to seven washes for the gi to fit appropriately.

    Atama mundial 9 size chart

    Atama Mundial 9 Shrinkage Issues

    It's worth bringing to attention the Mundial shrinkage. The Gi tends to shrink a bit according to other reviewers. It has been stated that this particular Gi can between 6 to 7 washes to shrink and settle down. It is a good idea to review their size guide and possibly order a size up.


    You can't go wrong with the Atama Mundial 9 gi. Despite dealing with a few minor issues the Gi is exceptional not to mention IBJJF approved for competition. The attention to detail is impressive and the minimalist design is certainly a hit.

    Atama Gold Weave Gi Review

    atama gold weave

    If you're looking for a more durable gi without the weight of the Double Weave then the Atama Gold Weave Gi may be for you.

    The Atama Gold Weave Gi is both lightweight and comfortable yet strong.


    The Atama Gi Weave Gi is available in white, black and blue. Atama has brought back the same gi we all know expect with some upgrades. This Gi is a bit more on the stylish side thanks to the embroidery and custom tapering inside the sleeves and back.

    Build Quality

    Since the jacket is made out of Gold Weave it is lightweight yet durable. The tapered competition cut leaves less fabric for your opponent to attack. Also, the roomy shoulders allow for additional mobility.

    The jacket sports a unique Gold Weave material that is a hybrid between the double and single weaves. The gold weave has the lightness of a single weave but the durability of a double weave.

    Comfort & Fit

    The Atama Gold Weave Gi's weave lets it be comfortable, lightweight and strong. The Atama Gold Weave Gi also offers good mobility within the arms without sacrificing durability.

    Atama mundial 9 size chart


    In the end we believe the Atama Gold Weave BJJ Gi is a good choice for a high quality competition gi.

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