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KO Sports Gear was started by a former mma practitioner. Originally started as an MMA apparel business it has grown to incorporate bjj gi’s. KO Sports Gear bjj gis typically have a both aesthetic to them with some having custom designed inner lining.

Their gis all start at very reasonable prices and tend to be tough and durable. What really intrigues me the most is the vibrant colored stitching and the custom lining.

KO Sports Gear BJJ Gi Overview

KO Sports Gear BJJ Gi Features

Red Gi Uniform Set BJJ Gi Review

While not a premium bjj gi this pearl weave gi is a bargain given its bright distinct red color.

Build Quality
Jacket Build:
Pants Build:
ko sports red gi


If you want a bright colored nonstandard gi that doesn’t fade in the wash then the Red Uniform BJJ gi is for you. The jacket is breathable and the material isn’t heavy. Plus the gi is ridiculously affordable.

KO Sports Wear The Collector BJJ Gi Review

KO Sports Gear’s The Collector is a unique and vibrant bjj gi that starts at an affordable price point. The most noticeable feature is the vibrant interior lining with custom artwork.

Build Quality
Jacket Build:
Pants Build:
ko the collector gi


The Collector Series by KO Sports Gear is a loud bjj gi with neon contrast color stitching and durable construction. If you’re looking for a durable and loud bjj gi for training then this is the one.

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort & Fit
  • Style
  • Price


In general KO Sports Gear Gi’s are extremely affordable and offer some pretty stylish bjj gi’s while not a premium brand they are still durable.