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    Koral Light Gi Review

    Designed to fill the role of a lightweight gi in Koral’s excellent line, the Light is one of the most unique lightweight gis available today. Ripstop pants and jacket make the Light highly comfortable and lightweight while Koral’s top-notch, Brazil-based manufacturing ensure its strength and durability.

    At $160, the Light isn’t cheap, but if the price isn’t an object then it is one of the best-made lightweight gis available.


    Like most all of Koral’s gis, the design of the Light is subtle and clean, making it a favorable option for someone who doesn’t prefer over-the-top flashy gis. The Light is available in blue and black and features only two patches on the shoulders. These patches are the name Koral written in white and the company’s fist logo done in red. While they are few, the patches on the Light are sleek and pleasingly attractive.


    Like any lightweight gi should, the fit and comfort of the Light excels. The Light, however, tends to go above and beyond in the area of comfort by featuring pants and a jacket made of ripstop fabric. Reviews of the Light have said that it is one of the most comfortable gis they have ever used, particularly the soft, flexible pants.

    One thing about the fit of the Light is that it appears to be made for larger fighters, particularly in the chest and shoulder areas. In this way, it really is a lighter version of the Koral Classic, both of which feature extra room in these areas and tapered sleeves and pants for a more competitive fit.

    Koral Light Gi Size Chart

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    By making the jacket out of ripstop material, a feature that isn’t found on hardly any other lightweight gis, the durability of the Light is greatly enhanced. The ripstop weave pattern is done in grids so that any tears that start are stopped as soon as they hit the end of the tiny square. This, combined with Koral’s quality stitching, makes the Light arguably the most durable Lightweight gi available. Reviews of the Light have said to have used the gis for years without having any tears, which is truly a feat for a lightweight gi.

    Jacket Build

    As covered, the jacket of the Light is one of the most unique jackets to be found. The ripstop material keeps it both light and durable, however, there is one drawback to this material. Ripstop stretches easily, making it easy for an opponent to maintain their grip on the gi. This, combined with the jacket’s very thin collar, can make someone wearing the light more susceptible to certain chokes and submissions. Even still, the jacket of the Light offers a combination of strength and comfort that is difficult to find.

    Pants Build

    Reviews of the Light praise the comfort of the pants. The fabric is simply some of the lightest, softest cotton to be found. Many have said that they feel as if they have already been worn in right out of the box, and, along with the jacket, they are indeed prewashed with fabric softener. Like the jacket, they are also highly durable for their weight, with quality stitching, strong ripstop fabric, and full-length knee reinforcements ensuring their strength. The only issue that some have had with the pants is that they only have two belt loops and come with a twill drawstring, making adjusting their fit slightly difficult. Like the jacket, the pants too seem to be made for larger fighters.


    All said the Light is one of the most durable, best quality lightweight gis on the market today. Koral’s superb attention to detail and the unique ripstop jacket help to ensure that it will last as long or longer as much heavier gis, and the softness of the fabric makes it one of the comfortable options as well.

    For a larger fighter who is looking to purchase a lightweight gi, the Light is a near perfect choice. If you can afford the extra room in the shoulders, chest, and waist, and you don’t mind the stretchy material, the Light is a superb lightweight gi.

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