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    Lucky Gi Review



    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Reinforced Seams
    • Pants Run Small
    • Some Shrinkage

    Lucky Gi: A Well-Known BJJ Brand With Stylish Gear

    Lucky Gi! Almost everyone knows this well-known brand name that speaks about its high quality. This is because Lucky Gi professionals were always designing and creating high-quality sportswear. To this day, Lucky Gi still makes one of the best premium BJJ Gis on the market! Their designs are always amazingly original and stylish, even though many have tried to knock them off.  Is this the best jiu jitsu gi on the market?

    The latest kimono from this company is the Bamboo Miami Gi. It's interesting that this was inspired by the hit 1980's police crime drama Miami Vice, starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

    Here are some outstanding Lucky Gi Kimono reviews which we believe you will like. We are more than sure you will find your perfect Gi among these 3 examples.

    Lucky BJJ Gi Features

    • Great For Hot Weather Training
    • Durable For Competition
    • Reinforced Stressed Points
    • Single Weave

    Lucky Bamboo Gi Review

    bamboo break bjj gi jacket

    This Gi is called "classic" because the designers took into account the BJJ best traditions. The result is that this GI is a perfect combination of lightness and strength.


    Bamboo Break pearl weave Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) Gi has a professional cut. The design is really simple: it's typical of what you'd expect from a high-end uniform.

    The Bamboo Beak Gi which is specially designed for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes and comes in three different colors which are black, white and blue. All of the colors meet the IBJJF requirements and are IBJJF approved. Being a IBJJF approved means that you are allowed to wear them during the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions all over the world.

    Build Quality
    Jacket Build:

    No stitches, no frills! The jacket of the Bamboo Break pearl GI is softer than the usual cotton, but it doesn't mean that it feels flimsy. Nothing like that. The jacket is very comfortable and looks strong, solid and serious. Additionally there’s a nice Bamboo logo in the left shoulder and gives a nice and expensive look (from the shoulder to the bottom).  The logo is really nice so you won't feel like it's odd.

    So this is a lightweight single weave uniform made of 100% cotton (450gr/m2) with many reinforcements on its critical points.

    Pants Build:

    The pants of this kimono are made of exclusive Rip Stop material for better durability and comfort. These pants are really basic and classy and there's nothing remarkable. They are (together with jacket) comfortable to wear even during your summer training and outdoor competitions.

    Comfort & Fit

    Bamboo has all the sizes for you to choose the perfect one . Just choose your size and order it! Here is an official sizing chart for this kimono:



    Despite its weight, this Gi is very strong and long-lasting. You can be sure that you are going to wear this Bamboo Break pearl weave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) kimono for a long time. All you need to do is to take care of it by following all the instructions that the brand gives.

    This high-quality kimono is a nice combination of durable material and a classic design that are soft and solid at the same time.

    Miami Vice BJJ Gi Review


    Miami Vice BJJ Gi is considered as one of the fancy Gi's in the market. This is not a traditional Gi because of its nice colors and sketches which are unusual for BJJ. This Gi is considered as one of luxurious Gi's available because of its unique design and comfort. This is a very comfortable Gi both for beginners and for professionals.


    This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimono is made of 550 Bamboo Blend Micro Pearl Weave which means that while wearing it feels like you are in a luxurious bathrobe.

    Miami Vice BJJ Gi usually comes in 2 colors which are black and white. Both of them look really nice. There are overall 5 Lucky GI logos nicely located on this kimono: 2 of them are in the jacket (1 on the front right, 1 on the front left side), 1 on the back of the jacket, and 1-1 on each leg of the pants. There is also a nice small Flamingo illustration on the from and another palm tree illustration on the inside of the jacket.

    Additionally we need to say that this Gi has a Sport-Fitted cut which means no more baggy material (slip away and break grips easily).

    Build Quality
    Jacket Build:

    The Jacket is built of 550 bamboo Blend Micro Pearl weave with 3 ''LUCKY GI'' logos on it which are located so well you will never want to remove them. Additionally two above mentioned illustrated logos look really nice on the jacket.

    The Gi is extremely soft and light and is very comfortable to wear in hot weather.

    Pants Build:

    The pants  are really durable because the material used is exclusive Rip Stop material, This makes the Gi comfortable while wearing and of course long lasting. Pants are designed to be competition style which basically means that they are tough, so you won't have to worry about them shriveling or coming loose.

    As we pinpointed above, there are two logos located on the pants.

    Comfort & Fit

    If a comfortable, soft and luxury Gi is what you are looking for, then this kimono is just for you! Miami Vice BJJ has all the sizes in order to fit you well. Here is a nice sizing chart for this kimono:



    When you get your new Lucky Gi Miami Vice Edition know that you are one of the every few to own this model as it’s a limited edition. Keep in mind that this will become one of the keys to your success as it doesn't limit your movements and possibilities. This Gi doesn't make you feel overheated because it simply breaths. It's also very easy to take care about this Gi.

    Dog Fighter BJJ Gi Review

    lucky gi dog fighter jacket

    Dog Fighter BJJ is another luxury and professional yet super lightweight Gi. Well-known BJJ athletes describe this Gi as comfortable for regular training sessions due to its breathability.


    Dog Fighter Brazilian Jiu -itsu Gi is made of Lucky Gi Micro Pearl Weave Bamboo Blend Fabric. As this Gi will never tear and stay reliable throughout your hardest training sessions.

    This Gi originally comes in 2 colors which are white and blue with nice inside sketches. There is this LUCKY GI writing on the back of the jacket and also there are two different but still nice logos on the shoulders. Another nice brand logo is located on the left chest. It needs to be noted that this new Lucky Gi comes with Athletic and Husky Fit options allowing every Jiu Jitsu athlete the perfect fit.

    Build Quality
    Jacket Build:

    Made from Lucky Gi Micro Pearl Weave Bamboo Blend Fabric, this jacket is self-wicking and naturally antimicrobial. As we pinpointed above there are 5 different logos located in the jacket that complete the overall perfect design giving the Gi a nice and strong look.

    Pants Build:

    The pants are 10 oz. bamboo bull denim and they feel really nice and soft. The pants string is also extremely strong. It's 100% guaranteed, easy-to-use and very durable. There is also a reinforced belt loops and the perfect amount of polyester added to the top fabric to eliminate stretching while staying nice and soft. Because of this feature our Dog Fighter Gi dries faster.

    Comfort & Fit

    This super comfortable Gi that grabs everyone's attention is not only well-designed, but also is very comfortable. This Gi is perfect for training during the hotter months since it breathes!



    This antimicrobial Gi that is carefully designed both for the BJJ professionals and beginners is a nice combination of comfort, freedom, breath-ability and aesthetic.

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