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    Koral Classic Gi

    Made in Brazil, Koral gis are the standard for all other gis to compare against. Heading up this line of gis is the Classic, a bare-bones, quality gi that is made primarily to stand up to years of training. The hefty material, superior stitching, and EVA rubber collar and lapel are all done with durability in mind. While expensive and a little hefty, the Classic is a great gi to consider for someone wanting to purchase a gi that they won’t have to replace after the first couple years of use.


    There really isn’t much to the design of the Classic. In a way, this is where it draws its name, with the Classic harkening back to the traditional, understated styling of gis. There is contrast stitching, but it’s quite subtle (which some would consider a plus and others not), and there isone branding patch on each shoulder and one on each leg, with none of them being very flashy. Sleek, subtle, and traditional would be the best way to describe the aesthetics of the Classic.

    The Classic comes in three colors: black, blue, and white


    While it is a form-fitting gi, the Classic appears to have been made with bulkier fighters in mind. There is plenty of room in the chest and shoulders, making it great for bigger fighters who are having a difficult time finding a gi that fits them comfortably but also making it hard for smaller fighters to find a Classic that fits them well. While it is roomy in the shoulders and chest, other areas are designed to fit as tightly as is allowed to provide a competitive edge. These areas include the tapered sleeves and pants legs and the collars and lapels.

    Koral Gi Size Chart

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    The durability of the Classic is by far one of its main selling points. The hefty pearl weave material in the jacket is highly unlikely to rip or fray, as are the eight ounce cotton pants. Reviews of the Classic have said that both the pants and jacket are stiff and rough on the outside, equating to a gi that will take abuse.

    One of the most outstanding features of the Classic in terms of durability, however, is the amount of care that was put into making it, particularly concerning the tight, quality stitching.

    Reinforcements can be found in all of the standard stress areas except for the crotch, which many would prefer to see the Classic with reinforcements there as well.

    Jacket Build

    While Koral does not list the weight of the fabric they use on the classic, reviews have guessed it to be somewhere between 550 and 700 gsm, making for a considerably hefty jacket. The EVA collar and lapel is designed to be stiff yet soft while also wicking away moisture and prevent bacteria and fungus development.

    One feature of the updated Classic that was not present on the previous one are the newly designed embroideries on the shoulder, which feature the Koral name and logo. Even with these, however, the design of the jacket is still a relatively simple look.

    Pants Build

    As durable as the fabric is, the pants of the Classic are what most reviewers have taken issue with. For one, the fabric is quite stiff, and while this is great for durability and difficult to grab it can also lead to discomfort. Also, the Classic pants only have two belt loops and a twill drawstring. Combine this with the fact they are made for larger fighters and it can be difficult to keep them from slipping.

    Even still, the pants of the Classic are made to last, with the thick material and knee reinforcements that extend to the ankle ensuring their durability.


    At $164, the Classic is a little on the expensive side for a gi that is made primarily for practice use. Still, it is a gi that will only ever need to be purchased once. Particularly if you are a larger fighter and having trouble finding a gi that fits you well in the shoulders and chest, the Classic is an excellent choice. Even for those who are not especially large, the Classic is a great option for anyone who demands the best quality for their everyday use gi.

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