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    FUJI Kassen

    Fuji’s founder stated that the goal of his company was to create gear that was exceptional in every area, and if there was a gi that most fully embodied this goal it would be the Kassen II. Combining comfort, durability, and no-nonsense design, this gi is one of the best choices available for someone who is looking to purchase a gi that will stand up to rigors of frequent training and still be an effective option for competition use as well.


    Stemming from their roots in judo, Fuji jiu-jitsu gis have always been quite simple in their patches and design. The Kassen II is no exception, but even still, this gi retains a clean and attractive appeal.

    Patches can be found on the shoulders, chest, and right pant leg and are red with white inscriptions and a black border. The Kassen II comes in black, white, and blue, but the color scheme of the patches does not change with the color, leading the clunky border of the patches on the black model to virtually disappear and giving it arguably the best look of the three.

    All in all, the design of the Kassen II is great for anyone looking for a gi that is elegant without being flashy.


    For a gi that is not specifically light or ultralight either one, the Kassen II is an incredibly comfortable gi. Reviews of the Kassen II have praised how luxurious it feels to wear, stating that it is a form-fitting and surprisingly soft gi for the weight.

    As a second bonus, most have said that the Kassen II shrinks little to none after washing and that the Fuji sizing chart is highly accurate, leading to a gi that will fit and continue to fit even long into its career.

    Fuji Kassen II Size Chart

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    Without a doubt, the durability of the Kassen II is world class. On top of being a thick, durable pearl weave, the Kassen II jacket is reinforced in the armpits, side vents and across the chest seams and boasts an extra thick, rubberized collar. The pants feature reinforcements on the waist notches and full-width reinforcements that run from the top of the thigh all the way down the pants leg. Combine all of this with tight, quality stitching and the Kassen II is almost guaranteed to last.

    Jacket Build

    The jacket of the Kassen II is snug fitting and cleanly designed. Made to be highly durable yet comfortable as well, the jacket is made from a pearl weave material that is softer on the inside than the outside. As mentioned, the collar is extra thick and rubberized and this, combined with the thick roughness of the jacket has led many reviews of the Kassen II to praise how hard it is for opponents to get a grip on.

    The design of the jacket is clean and subtle, with patches on both shoulders, one on the chest, and a small embroidery between the shoulder blades.

    Pants Build

    The pants of the Kassen II are made from reinforced double twill and are a good match for the jacket in that they are both durable and surprisingly lightweight. As said, full-width reinforcements run the length of the pants legs, strengthening them immensely.

    The pants come with a cloth drawstring and have two belt loops. While many would prefer to see a rope or bungee drawstring and a few more belt loops to help better adjust the fit, it’s a minor complaint given the durability and comfort of the pants.


    Somewhere, there exists a sweet spot between durability and comfort, and the Kassen II seems to have found it. The material of both the jacket and pants is thick and rough enough on the outside to both provide ample strength and to keep an opponent from easily getting a hold on the gi, and it is soft enough on the inside to provide maximum comfort. While the design may not be as striking as some would prefer, it’s a clean and simple design that is easy to appreciate. All said, the Kassen II by Fuji is a near perfect choice for someone wanting to buy a gi to use for both practice and competition.

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