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    Tatami Estilo 5.0



    • Quality Pearl Weave Competition Gi
    • Tons of Colors & Styles
    • Ample Size Variations
    • Elastic Rope Belt Line
    • No Ripstop Pants
    • Color Fades Quick

    Tatami Fightwear is one of the most successful Jiu Jitsu brands out there. This British company has built a reputation based around offering both affordable best-value Gi's and high quality premium Gi's.

    If the Tatami Nova Gi is considered the beginner gi will the Tatami Estilo 5 gi is for high level competitors. The Estilo 5 is great for intense roll sessions and has nice lining for high traffic areas!  There's a reason the Estilo 5.0 is consider a top bjj gi.

    Tatami Estilo 5.0 Gi Review and Walkthrough

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    The Tatami Estilo 5 Gi: Premium Competition Level BJJ Gi

    Gi Build Quality

    Fabric: Pearl weave gi's are a very popular choice for competition gi's. The pearl weave is the lightest gi allowed in competition but they are very durable. The weave is light enough to allow air to pass through. The tight weave got its name because the fabric looks like tiny pearls or bumps. These are typically comparable in price to single weave but tend to last longer.

    Jacket: The Tatami Estilo 5 sports a 550GSM pearl weave jacket complete with a sublimated neck yoke lining.

    Lightweight: The Tatami Estilo 5 weighs in around 4.5 lbs.

    Pants: The pants are made from 12oz woven canvas cotton. They feel sturdy and hard but offer plenty of flexibility.

    Read Reviews and View Prices on Amazon.com!


    The Tatami Estilo 5.0 gi is lightweight and holds up well under heavy use. The Estilo 5.0 has sturdy collars and seams along with triple stitching. Also, in addition with minor wear the Gi tends to shrink slightly upon washing the first time as well as stretch from more intense rolling sessions.

    Comfort & Fit

    Thanks to the lightweight fabric the gi is very comfortable and has a short break in period. The build material of the Estilo 5 is also easy on the skin and helps prevent skin abrasions. Also the Tatami Estilo has a ton of various sizes. The sizing chart is fairly complex but the wide variety in sizes makes it easier to find a well fitting gi.

    Also, thanks to the new Y shaped jacket vent it has better fit across the body and greater range of motion.

    Tatami Estilo 5.0 Gi Size Chart

    tatami estilo 5.0 size chart

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    Gi Style

    Tatami has done a great job on the craftsmanship of the Estilo 5. There are no loose thread or popped stitches throughout the top or pants. This gi has high quality patches and some unique graphics sewn into the lining. Also, the white piping accent across the Y-shaped vent looks great with the contrast stitching throughout the Gis construction.

    The Tatami Estilo 5 is simplistic yet modern with a sharp look. It is a bit minimal and toned done but it does sport sharp accents with quality stitching.


    This is one of the more affordable premium Gi models on the market. This is a great premium starter Gi for the jiu jitsu student looking to jump into competitions.


    Tatami Fightwear is a clothing equipment company for Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters based in the U.K. Established in 2009 by Gareth Dummer and Lee Jones to address the need for high quality BJJ gear at affordable prices. Now they sponsor some of the world's greatest Jiu Jitsu athletes and have a strong global brand.

    When I am making a purchase online I am big on reviewing brands and especially their return policies. Tatami states that the customer is liable for the return and the shipping plus the cost of the original shipping. So, be sure to purchase at your own risk. Pay special attention to order the appropriate size due to shrinking returns could prove to be a nightmare. Also, to their credit they state return cost does not apply to faulty products which you can file a claim but have to go through a rather lengthy process. In addition to their credit, I only saw one small poor customer service review.

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    Final Thoughts on the Tatami Estilo 5.0

    This is a great quality Gi at an affordable price. The Tatami Estilo 5 Gi has the ability to last up to the toughest roll sessions over a long period of time.

    This Gi is very comfortable and well fitting that performs well during training or competition uses.

    Read the Reviews and View Prices on Amazon.com!

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