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    Fuji Sekai BJJ Gi Review

    The Sekai is Fuji Sportswear’s take on the increasingly popular lightweight gi. Unlike many companies pushing out various versions of light and ultralight gis, however, Fuji was not satisfied with simply making a gi that was light. Instead, the produced the Sekai, a lightweight gi that is designed to be incredibly durable. Combining comfort, durability, and an eye for detail, there isn’t much not to like about the Sekai.

    fuji sekai


    The Sekai comes in three different colors, blue, black and white, with each one featuring a different color of contrast stitching for the seams, patches, and embroideries. The blue gi has white stitching, the black one red, and the white one black. Branding patches and a Japanese inscription can be found on both shoulders and on the right leg. Also, inside the jacket of the gi is a detailed picture of the world map.

    Like most Fuji gis, the aesthetics of the Sekai are understated but still pleasing. Anyone looking for a cleaner, simpler look will appreciate the design of the Sekai.


    Reviews of the Sekai have said that the fabric is so light and soft that it barely feels like wearing a gi at all. A bungee drawstring helps to better adjust the fit of the pants, and, like Fuji gis are known for, the Sekai experiences minimal shrinkage after washing.

    The only complaint about the Sekai in the area of fit and comfort is that the pants are a little baggy on some fighters.

    Fuji Sekai Gi Size Chart

    fuji sekai size chart


    Durability is an area where most light and ultralight gis suffer. The Sekai, however, goes to great lengths to ensure that this is not an issue. Multiple rows of stitching and fabric reinforcements can be found in the armpits, shoulders, chest seams, cuffs, jacket skirt, and waistband, making the Sekai one of the most well-reinforced gis available. On top of this, the pants are equipped with a second layer of ripstop that extends from the thigh down to the ankle.

    While no reviewers have complained about their Sekai ripping, thanks largely in part to the incredible attention to the reinforcements mentioned above, the material is still designed to be lightweight and is rather thin. With that said, the Sekai is still one of the most well-made and heavily reinforced lightweight gis on the market today.

    Jacket Build

    The jacket of the Sekai is a clean and simple design that reviewers have praised for being highly comfortable and maneuverable. Multiple rows of stitching along the collar and lapels provide a thick, stiff collar that is difficult to maintain a grip on during chokes.

    Perhaps one of the most unique features of the jacket, apart from it being so well reinforced for a lightweight classification, is the rubbery illustration of the world map on the inside. While it is an attractive design feature, some fear that the illustration will start to peel over time.

    Pants Build

    In all truth, the pants of the Sekai are one of its most attractive offerings. The ripstop fabric is soft and light, and many reviews of the Sekai have said they love how flexible it is.

    Though the thinness of the fabric causes some durability questions, no spot was overlooked in the area of reinforcements, with the cuffs and waistband both having multiple rows of stitching and the cuffs having a ribbon lining as well. Yet another feature about the Sekai pants that is attractive is its four belt loops and bungee cord drawstring that allow for maximum adjustment of the fit.

    One of the few complaints to be found about the pants is that the dye in the belt loops and drawstring has been known to run, but this could merely be due to improper washing.


    To summarize, the Sekai has earned a description that very few other gis will ever be able to achieve: lightweight, comfortable, and as strong as steel. It may not be as light as ultralight gis, but it is almost certain to last longer than any of them. It may not be as durable as some of the heavier gis, but it is definitely more comfortable. All said, the Sekai is a quality, attractive, lightweight gi that splurges on the reinforcements, making it very near the best possible choice for someone wanting a well-made, lightweight gi.

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